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About GymbaROO


Humans are unique because of our capacity for cortical intellectual functions.

For the human cortical brain to read, understand the spoken languange, follow and sequence information, walk, run, talk, write and spell, we are dependent on a good foundation at the brain stem level. Important Brain Parts

The brain stem consists of the medulla, pons, cerebellum and midbrain.

The focus of the Toddler Kindy GymbaROO program is to promote parent education.

The Learning Tree

At Toddler Kindy GymbaROO, parents are shown how to involve their babies and infants in activities that will provide them with a solid foundation in development and learning. The Learning Tree

GymbaROO offers a structured, strategic 'Parent Education Program', supporting the 'whole new life' when baby arrives.

The activities at GymbaROO are not designed to speed up development, but are to ensure that each baby/child gains full benefit from each developmental stage. GymbaROO Activities

Sessions include a wide range of fun sensory stimulation and motor opportunity activities with...


Toddler Kindy GymbaROO's adventures with development and learning began 30 years ago when Margaret Sassè co founded ANSUA, (A New Start For the Under Achiever) in Melbourne.

The work of ANSUA focused on helping children who were struggling with learning at school.

Ten years into working as the Director of ANSUA, Margaret Sassè had insights that the problems these children were facing could be picked up and corrected when they were younger.

In 1982, Toddler Kindy GymbaROO, was launched as a preventative parent education, fun, learning centre specializing in developmental education for babies 6 weeks to 5 year olds.

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Kirstie Watson
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Email: kirstie@gymbaroocanberra.com
Postal Address: 25 Richmond Ave
Fairbairn ACT 2609
Centre Address: 25 Richmond Ave
Fairbairn ACT 2609

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