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Class Structure

Our GymbaROO classes have a distinct routine - which is important for child development.

Each term is planned over a period (usually 10 weeks) similar to school terms. We have a term theme and a weekly topic which relates to that theme.

Class times vary from 45 minutes for non-mobile babies to 60 minutes for 3½-5 year olds. Classes include time for free Play, Mat Time, Equipment Time, Music Time and Treasure Bag Time. Please see the Timetable page for details on class times, days and treasure bag themes.

Free Play

We begin the session with some free explorative play on our large equipment while everyone arrives.

Mat Time

During mat time all children and carers come together as a group to sing songs, do finger plays, exercises, massage and dance. Each term follows a theme and each week we learn something new. Directed play with small aids, such as balls and beanbags is also provided.

All the children also enjoy the Treasure Bag with the excitement of what will be in the Treasure Bag today. This is wonderful part of the lesson enjoyed by all the children whatever their age. Each child also gets an ink stamp on their right hand and foot to further reinforce the theme of the day and to help them distinguish their right and left side.

Equipment Time

We have a hall filled with large equipment that has been especially made for young children with the active involvement of their parents/carers. Children practice their coordination skills through climbing, balancing, jumping, tumbling, swinging and crawling, etc. Younger children will use this as valuable exploration time. Children are encouraged to experiment with their bodies, learning about spatial and body awareness, in an exciting and challenging environment. Teachers are always nearby to offer guidance and teach new skills. Older children enjoy the challenge of following the circuit and practicing new movement experiences. The equipment circuit is changed regularly to give each child new challenges.

Music Time

The session is concluded with music and parachute time. Each week we play a different musical instrument. Then our big colourful parachute comes out for the children to lay under and relax while parents sing songs or play cooperative games with the others in their group. Everyone is given a new word and picture for their GymbaROO visualisation wordbook for follow up practice at home with the flashword technique taught in class. Parents are also given lots of information handouts on child development, parenting skills and appropriate activities to do at home with your child.

Class Groups

We group the children into developmental groups appropriate to their specific stage of development. The children become quite attached to their teachers and classmates and we endeavour to keep your class together throughout your time at GymbaROO. Requests for changes are granted when vacancies arise.

Birthdays at Gymbaroo!

Looking for a private venue to celebrate your 1 to 5 year olds birthday party?

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July Holiday Play Sessions!

July Holiday Play Sessions!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information or explanation. We are always willing to discuss your child's individual needs or to consider suggestions regarding any aspect of GymbaROO.